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We love comics.  The people bringing you this site have been reading and collecting comics their entire lives.  

We recognize there are many ways to read and love comics and we try to focus on resources that will help people who are new to comics get into the hobby as well as providing information for people who have loved comics for many years find more to love. 


To spread the word that comics are still fun and that there are comics out there for everyone to enjoy. We spotlight comics in and beyond the super-hero genre.  We love ALL kinds of comics! 


There are so many different kinds of comics out there!  We want to help match people up with comics they will love! 


We read over 100 new comics EVERY month! 


Over 45 years of reading comics every single month.  We have read and collected over 100,000 comics! 


Trying to see the  value in every comic, not automatically dismissing things we do not like as "bad". 


We have read comics from all genres & publishers 

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