Collecting Comics


There are people who read comics and people who collect comics.  Some do both.

This section of the ComicSpectrum site is dedicated to those people who, on top of reading their comics, also love to collect them.  We will try to amass collecting tips and tricks from seasoned collectors who have been collecting comics for decades.

The focus is on fun.  We won't have much on collecting as a means to make money, there are other places on the internet that focus on the monetary aspects of collecting.  Hopefully we'll give you some information that is both useful and entertaining.

  • Storing Comics - Tips and tricks about comic bags and storage boxes.
  • Rack System for Comics - Building shelving to store your comic boxes.
  • Slabbing Comics - Information about having your comics professionally graded and encased in hard plastic shells.
  • Variant Comics - Lots of comics have multiple covers, learn about the different kinds.